Our Advantages - NOTUS Finanse

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   Free of charge consulting
You do not pay for our services. That is our fundamental principle. But that is not all. If you decide to get a mortgage credit or invest through DK NOTUS, all fees and commissions will be exactly the same if you signed contracts directly with a bank or other financial institution. With us, however, you will take advantage of professional guidance of our advisors through the whole process.

   You'll save your precious time when you choose us.
Our advisor will meet you wherever and whenever it is most convenient for you. The appointed meeting can take place at your home, office or any other place. We always arrive on time and are well-prepared. We patiently answer any question of our Customer.

   Always objective.
Most of financial brokers are tied to a bank or financial institution because of their capital investments. DK NOTUS is an independent company and therefore our advice is unbiased. This means that when we recommend a bank to a Customer, we are positive its offer is the best for him or her.

   Simplified procedure - quicker credits.
Thanks to a simplified loan procedure, your loan application will be accepted faster and you will become the owner of your property in a quicker way. Having a broad experience in contacting banks, our advisors know to which issues special attention should be paid and what kind of documents should be prepared. Thus we are known to operate in a quick, efficient and effective way.